Fuel Filtration

With the automotive world rapidly evolving to meet the demands of global emission laws and consumers desire for increased power, the current generation ultra-high pressure fuel injection (common rail or electronic unit injection) was introduced. This meant raising the bar for diesel filtration.

Contaminated fuel can lead to extensive damage to injection systems and other components, especially expensive common rail systems. Modern engines are increasingly requiring better fuel filtration technology to ensure delivery of the cleanest fuel to your vehicle’s fuel system.

 Autoline provides the solution to vehicle downtime and costly repairs, with the WIX Filtrex 100



Filtrex 100 Fuel/Water Separator


  • Benefits ? Compact unit – can be installed on chassis, frame or engine. ?
  • Highly efficient particle and water separation ≥ 95% of whole water removed. ?
  • Enviromentally friendly – quick spill free filter element changes. ?
  • Little space required below the unit to facilitate element change. ?
  • Air bleed for fast priming. ?
  • Optional transparent water collection bowl.
  • Specifications Flow Rate 302 LPH (80 gph)

Options for Filtrex 100 ?

  • Screw-on heavy gauge polycarbonate bowl ?
  • Prime pump ?
  • Electronic water-in-fuel sensor kit ? Hose tail fittings.


  • Flow Rate 302 LPH (80 gph)
  • Efficiency Beta-125 @ 4µm-c
  • Media Cellulose based/synthetic fibre blend
  • Water Removal Max water separation flow rate to achieve ≥ 95% water removal @ 95 LPH (25 gph)
  • Water Separation Single stage - coalescing and separation on influent (upstream) side of the filter media
  • Burst Pressure 60 psi
  • Fuel Usage All formulations of diesel fuel. Bio-diesel (up to B20 or 20% bio-content)
  • Height 207 mm Max Width 99 mm (across mounting base) Porting Multi configured ports – 4 x 1/4" NPT (can use BSP nipple with care)