Voltra eCruiser : Zero Emissions Mining Light Vehicle


On the 4th of September 2107 the Voltra eCruiser was launched at the EV World in Auckland NZ. This electric mining light vehicle created a lot of excitement amongst all those that were present at the launch including clients waiting for pre-delivery, prospective clients, electric vehicle enthusiasts and the general public. The Voltra eCruiser is the first electric utility vehicle in Australasia and while the primary role of the eCruiser is for underground mining, it also got the attention of city councils, utility providers, campers & tradies.
Test drives were extremely valuable for potential clients to experience the smooth, quiet and user friendly nature of the Voltra eCruiser. Being the first 100% Electric Utility vehile in Australasia, it caused quite a stir amongst the attendees at the EV World expo.

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Electric Landcruiser Voltra eCruiser press.jpg