Ultima Shock Absorbers

Ultima Shock Absorbers have gone through an extensive research and development process in Australia for over 13 years. In this time the Ultima Research And Development department headed by the renowned Gary Rayfield with over 40 years experience in the Shock Absorber industry, have designed Ultima Shock Absorbers with the durability and reliability required for our harsh Australian conditions.

Their superior ride and handling qualities are obtained by using specially developed bump and rebound valve settings. Superior sealing qualities are obtained through the use of a unique European sourced 4 stage multi-lip seal to prevent foreign particle entry, retain fluid and gas pressure under all conditions and elements. This design is far superior to the conventional 2 and 3 lip design.

The seamless shock absorber eyes, fusion welded to the body are used for greater strength. Larger diameter double chrome plated piston rods are used to insure high durability during side loads which are placed on modern day shock absorbers.

Ultima Shock Absorbers offer a 3 year or 100,000klm warranty on all passenger vehicles and 1 year or 30,000klm warranty on commercial vehicles, whichever occurs first. Ultima Shock Absorbers... for the Ultimate Control!