Super Pro is a polyurethane elastomer base material, and is a class of “Thermosetting” synthetic polymer that involves the reaction of various types of isocyanate resin with curing agents, to give an extremely durable material with the best features of rubber and plastic. Super Pro is unique, it is the only polyurethane product range fully backed by a professional research and development program based on many years of hands on experience in the suspension industry.

Super Pro designs incorporate the latest technology in polyurethane as developed by the Super Pro Research and Development Team. Design features such as bullet grooves, knurled and spiral bores and grease grooves ensure that the product performs to the highest standard without transmitting any excess noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

Super Pro components are produced to the highest achievable tolerances for polyurethane. This is essential for the correct fit of each component resulting in the life of the product being maximised and to ensure that the vehicle componentry is not over stressed and damaged. All the steelwork used in the product range is precision machined for precision fitment.