Voltra eCruiser ™


Introducing the Voltra eCruiser – the first 100% electric mining light vehicle in Australasia!

Based on the strong and reliable Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series, the most popular light vehicle in mining today, the eCruiser’s heavy duty frame and drivetrain have been proven to survive the longest in rough, corrosive 4WD environments.

Voltra provides underground mining fleets with the durability and toughness of the original 79 series Land cruiser, but with zero emissions, significantly reducing a mine’s carbon footprint, maintenance costs, and most importantly, the threat to workers posed by carcinogenic diesel exhaust particulate matter.



Zero Emissions

  • Health & Safety improvements for workers underground
  • Savings on mine ventilation (mine ventilation is 20% - 40% of total mine operations costs depending on depth of mine)
  • Savings on emissions testing on LV’s – time & money

No Diesel Engine and Gearbox

  • Savings on diesel fuel
  • Savings on servicing – air/oil/fuel filters, oil changes, costly hard parts replacement etc
  • Savings on gearbox repair/replacement

Rubber Damper

  • Less stress on driveline components – savings on shafts, CV’s, diffs

Power Recouperation

  • Savings on brake repair and replacement

User Friendly

  • Less heat generation
  • quieter, smoother and more comfortable to drive

Less Weight

  • Electric motor package is 200kg lighter than original

 electric landcruiser - voltra ecruiser